39% of the world’s total energy consumption is used to cool and heat our houses. Any improvements made due to insulation allows us not only to contribute to the future of our world by reducing our energy consumption, but also to save money at the same time.

Choosing a good shutter is essential for buildings which will prevent and reduce the transmission of heat.The windows are the areas where heat loss is most intense. According to the laws of physics, heat always moves from areas of high temperature to those at a lower temperature therefore in the cold external temperatures, the warmth inside a building will try to escape through windows.

Saray’s extensive experience in manufacturing aluminium profiles, PVC profiles, shutter profiles, enables us to offer an extensive catalogue that will meet your requirements about shutters. We offer a wide range; top performance polyurethane filled aluminium slats, extruded aluminium shutters, various types of aluminium auxilary profiles and accessories , that protect from the sun, reduce sound and heat transfer.

Innovative high quality PVC Monoblock boxes and extruded aluminium boxes designed to provide both heat and sound insulation as well as ease of assembly, complete this wide range.